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Lead Guitar

Rodney was born August 8, 1972. He started playing guitar around 10 years old and things hadn’t been the same since. He loves all music that has good guitar. His favorite being southern rock.

He was in many different bands early on and played in a band with Shannon Smith. They always had a chemistry, even at a young age. They all went their separate ways, got married and had kids.

In 2017, Shannon and Rodney reconnected after 20 plus years and started playing together again. Shannon brought in Ed Young who is one of the best musicians Rodney had ever had the privilege to play with. He can play anything. Then Shannon invited Klay Davis to play drums, who is a great drummer and pays attention to every detail and is the man that is responsible for a lot of the things behind the scenes related to Coal Camp Revival!

Rodney has played in everything from bluegrass gospel bands to heavy metal! His kids have also took to music. His son Preston can play Banjo and guitar. His son finished second in the State of Virginia playing banjo when the was only 12 years old and his oldest daughter Abigail also plays guitar!

All of Rodney’s guitars have names. His Les Paul Gold top – Faith, Fender Strat- Grace , Les Paul Sunburst – P.J , Martin D-28 – Blake, Epiphone Dove – Sissy. They are all named after his kids in their own way!

Rodney adds, “Yes, I am a Coal miner and no I didn’t come up with our name that genius credit goes to Shannon Smith and Ed Young.”

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