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Kris Yates was born in '78 and grew up in the Vansant area of Buchanan County VA. He attended Grundy SR High school and SVCC with his best friend, Klay Davis.

He started playing guitar around the age of 13 and was mostly into heavy metal and hard rock. He and Klay began playing music together and along with a few different friends along the way, played some shows and had a good time being as loud as possible.

Kris moved from Roanoke to Lebanon, VA with his family in '07 and he and his wife, son and daughter are part of local groups and activities around the area.

After quite a few years of not playing together, Kris and Klay have joined forces again. Klay asked Kris if all those years playing guitar could translate over to the bass. So, now he's bringing the bass thunder to Lebanons' own Coal Camp Revival.

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